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“Quality is the pride of workmanship”
                                  Dr.Deming, the father of the Japanese quality in industry


What is Software Quality?

Quality software is reasonably bug-free, delivered on time and within budget, meets requirements and/or expectations, and is maintainable.


The Quality Assurance (QA) role is the role responsible for guaranteeing a level of quality for the end client, and to help the software development team to identify problems early in the process.

We at Enterwide always seek the highest level of quality by the continual improvements we make to our processes of production as we believe quality starts from the start of production not at its end where we have to test what we have produced!

We believe that it's not a competitive advantage anymore that a company can provide the highest quality in its products and services, everybody seems to provide high quality nowadays. Although, quality was the buzz word of the 80's in the 20ths century, nowadays, the more capable you are at producing creative ideas and services to the masses the more successful you become.


We automate the testing process beginning from automatic testing (e.g. TestComplete ) to automated bug reporting solutions (e.g. Mantis)
Improving quality by working on the process and the product by:


1- Innovation in product and service

2- Innovation in the process that creates products and services.

3- Improvement of existing products and services


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