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“Communicate daily with your customers".


If they are talking to you, they can’t be talking to a competitor” CRM works! Beginning from managing your sales and marketing workforce and their activities to managing the complaints issued by your customers and following up on them or even reminding you of your customers’ birthdays! A CRM solution will be your business mate serving your customers like a professional.


Our Customer Relationship Management of choice is SugarCRM™ (www.sugarcrm.com). 


For Customer Relationship Management we provide the following services: 


* Redesign your overall processes, if necessary, to get more results including processes like: Sales, Marketing, Technical Support and Customer Care.


* Development of new features and customization that can fully automate your sales and marketing
activities, providing you with continual reports about how efficient you're on the market


* General CRM consultancies and full project implementation.


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