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Enterwide’s Special Events and Timeline

Although, our company has been 4 years in business, we have gained a lot of trust from almost 50 clients in the region, and other renowned technology providers in the field. Here are the most special events we think have shaped our destiny.

Enterwide is officially established and starts operations in Egypt.

Enterwide brings its first specialized ERP application namely, Mechanica™ .

Enterwide partners with ACiT Services and officially starts operations in Saudi Arabia 

Enterwide and ACiT start a series of innovative products to serve the Saudi Market.
Enterwide has begun applying its customized 6 sigma quality program.

Enterwide and ACiT partner with El Jeraisy one of the biggest all-inclusive service providers in Saudia Arabia and the GCC.
Enterwide is now operational in the eastern coast of Saudi Arabia after opening the Al Khobar’s branch.
Enterwide has begun its business development towards serving Europe and the Americas.

we are wishing to make more clients of the world happier with what we have to offer.


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